Op Chat

OpChat provides secure text messaging, that can be used to communicate sensitive
information quickly to a variety of remote locations. OpChat is ideal for securely
transmitting files and instant text message communications from:

  • Pilot to Pilot.
  • Pilot to Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) or AOC to Pilot.
  • plane
  • Locomotive Engineer to inter-station.
  • Medical staff to patient or patient to medical staff.
  • etc...

OpChat's easy to use interface allows multiple chat sessions to occur simultanenously.
The history of each chat session is displayed separately, to easily review past messages
from each user. This history remains regardless of whether the other user is logged in
or not.

OpChat displays who is online and available to chat with, and who is currently

OpChat messaging is handled by our customizable middleware application, OpMessaging.

OpMessaging routes OpChat's messages securely, quickly and to a variety of hard to reach remote locations. OpMessaging can be configured to route message over Satellite, Radio, 802.11 Access point, or cell phone network.
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